Adelaide Bank

Adelaide Bank was established in 1994 and is based in South Australia. It offers various basic banking services such as mortgages, savings, loans and insurances. Adelaide Bank also has its own charitable institution which is funded by part of the company's profits. It has also sponsored many local organizations such as the Society of Auctioneers, the Mount Gambier Racing Club, and the Helpmann Academy. The company is also one of Australia's biggest margin lenders and is a major factor in the national mortgage loan approval.

There are various accounts available for investors in Adelaide Bank accounts. Those who are supported by the government can apply for the "Concession Xpress Account". Pensioners can opt to choose the "Pension Plus Account". Those who want to get more value for their money by having high interest rates can get the "Cash Management Plus Account". The "Serious Saver Account" is made for those who wish to reach a given amount within a set deadline. Young savers can apply for a "Student Card Account". Home buyers can avail of the "Mortgage Tamer Home Loan Account" while those who want an all-in-one service can get the "Merlin Account". The bank also offers many loaning options for those who wish to purchase other assets aside from a house.