Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank was established in the early 1800s during the time of the gold rush in Australia. A settlement area known as the Bendigo goldfield was inhabited by many families who lived in tents and shelters. To help ease the problem with housing, a group of rich citizens offered loans to the miners so that they may be able to have their own houses. This lead to the creation of the Bendigo Permanent Land and Building Society which eventually became the Bendigo Bank in 1995. The company has a good record with the government due to its assistance efforts during some of the country's financial crises.

There are many products and services offered by Bendigo Bank Accounts. Those who need personal banking needs can choose from Bendigo Bank's many account types. There are also loan packages, insurance and retirement fund services available. The bank has many branches all across Australia, assuring assistance to investors in times of need. Foreign currency services are set up completely by the bank. Traveler's cheques, bank drafts, online telegraphic transfers and foreign cash are given by Bendigo Bank. Businesses are offered other special services such as cash management, margin lending, online web solution partnership and many more.